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Empowering caregiving companies to streamline business operations, manage and support staff, and deliver better client care with an all-in-one software solutions customized to set your team and clients up for success.

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Outdated Technology
Can Create Roadblocks

How Do You Feel About Your Caregiver Business That Faces These Issues?

  • Relying on multiple non-integrated systems and manual processes.
  • Difficulty generating reports for business decisions and compliance.
  • Challenges managing remote workers and matching caregivers with clients.
  • Struggling with unnecessary features, audit preparation, and compliance fears.
  • Increased risk of burnout and staffing headaches causing stress and uncertainty.

Software That Leads To

Empower your business with the tools to succeed and meet the growing demand with confidence.

Manual processes, outdated technology, inefficient communication tools, and poor document management creates major headaches.

Why Wouldn’t You Want to Find A Software Solution that Will Set You Up to Win?

My Care Composer leverages industry knowledge, business strategy, and technology solutions so you can:

  • Optimize and modernize operations
  • Support caregivers with a better employee experience
  • Deliver superior care for clients and their families

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Compose A Solution For Your Caregiving Business

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Let’s understand your business operations and create a customized plan for you.

Compose Your
Software Solution

Our execution plan ensures your new software solutions are optimized at the highest level, making the value you gain from our platform truly priceless.

Streamline Your

Maximize the caregiving experience and deliver increasing client value.

Healthcare Software to Manage Your Whole Business

Key Features


  • Efficiently manage employee data and schedules with our web and mobile-friendly platform.
  • Track work times and activities seamlessly.
  • Streamline payroll with QuickBooks integration and flexible messaging.
  • Generate detailed payroll reports with ease.
  • Enjoy comprehensive activity logging and work tracking capabilities.


  • Client/Caregiver/Nurse Portal
  • Access client, caregiver, and nurse portals with personalized dashboards.
  • Schedule care, track task completion, and enter care notes efficiently.
  • Manage medications, track assessments, and handle document management.
  • Utilize care team messaging, caregiver development tools, and a mobile shift tool.
  • Ensure compliance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).


  • Manage client data and invoice processing, including auto-creating and splitting invoices.
  • Offer 24/7 call center support for client referrals and service requests.
  • Utilize customizable forms and client-defined tasks for personalized care.
  • Ensure secure data access and efficient pharmacy integration.
  • Enhance operations with comprehensive client data and invoice management.

Only use the features that apply to your business needs,
and add capabilities as your business grows